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Should I Accept Cash For A Car Accident?

Car Accident Lawyer

While many people choose to accept cash instead of going through insurance for an automobile accident to avoid increases in insurance prices, this may not be the best option for receiving the compensation that you deserve. 

Severity of Damages

One of the most important reasons as to why you should not accept cash compensation from a car accident is that all the damages done due to the accident may not be able to be covered by a small sum of money. While your first thought might be just to get the amount for the damages to the car, you may not be taking into consideration the physical injuries you have suffered. Visible or not, there may be injuries which can cause neck, back, and other pain which may not be evident at first glance. With a cash negotiation, you will not be compensated for these injuries or the medical costs from these injuries which were directly related to the accident. Additionally, if you end up having more persistent and severe injuries which show up months or years after the incident, a cash negotiation will not allow you to receive compensation for the related medical charges after the fact. 

Getting a Pricing Quote

Getting your car’s damage looked at by several auto-body shops to get a good idea of repair costs is the best way to assess the damage. Three reputable quotes are sufficient, and having quotes written down for documentation purposes will only help your claim. However, if you do go with your insurance company, they may already have a list of reputable autobody shops that you can go to. Additionally, they may be able to give you additional resources because the insurance company referred you. 


While you may come up with a contract of sorts, detailing the time and date of the incident, agreed-upon settlement amount, and what damages were present which are covered by the settlement, there could be a lot of inconsistencies and loopholes that the other party could take which could put you in a position of owing more money or potentially getting sued. A personal injury attorney would be well versed and capable of drafting a contract and settling your case to ensure that you get the maximum compensation needed and there is no possibility of said contract being broken or null in void. 

Benefits to Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Understanding the legal process can be a huge headache, and while cash settlements may be easier, there are quite a few problems which could arise. Hiring legal assistance can maximize your compensation to cover injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, psychological damages, and all medical expenses. Your personal injury attorney can help prove liability and fault, which is especially vital in cases where multiple parties are involved or there is some question as to who was at fault. Your personal injury attorney would be responsible for gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting experts, making the whole ordeal significantly easier on you, as the victim.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another in an automotive accident, a personal injury attorney can advise and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. 

Thanks to a car accident lawyer with our friends at Eglet Adams for their insight on why to not accept cash for an automotive accident.