Injury on Public Transit

Public transportation is a life saver to many. It is the leading mode of transportation for many city locals of all age groups, as well as temporary city visitors. No matter the reason people are in need of public transportation, they somewhat put their lives in the hands of these drivers and would like to think that they are safe when they are passengers. Busses save people hundreds of dollars, and stress from driving on the road when tired or when they simply do not wish to. Keeping these passengers safe is a huge task, and a top priority, even over getting them to their destinations. They would much rather arrive alive than not at all.

Unfortunately, the usual safety precautions that are taken in a personally owned, leased, or rented vehicle is not taken while on public transit. Oftentimes, there are no seatbelts or airbags to help keep passengers safe. If you or someone you know uses public transportation in any way, it is important to note a few things that may put their safety at risk. Such as:

Several people actually stand on busses. Unlike a car, if there are no more seats available, busses allow passengers to use the standing room and provide bars to grab hold of as a form of safety in the event that the ride is slightly rough.

Passengers are not exactly required to find a seat or place on the bus before the bus moves. This means, the bus may be in motion while someone is still walking to their seat, which can cause this person to fall over and hurt themselves or others should the bus come to a halt.

Due to its size and weight, a bus is more likely to tip over than a small sedan. Should a bus tip over, this can lead to several injuries and even deaths.

When we put our lives in the hands of others, it is very hard to control the narrative. While public transportation is a means of transportation for many, it is not always the safest so it is best to know the safety risks. Should you or a loved one face any harm or deaths while riding public transportation, it is wise to speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss your options for damages. The right attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Dekalb County, GA, from The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law will assess the damages and do their best to see that you are compensated for your injuries.